The diverse capabilities of MyNursie driving startup entrepreneur forward

The CEO of Nursie Health Suvi Venäläinen has well over a decade of experience in the healthcare sector. The idea about a selfcare application took her to the startup world and now a team of more than 10 experts works with her. Funding raised for the development of MyNursie application is about one million euros so far. How did MyNursie get started and what will the future bring?

MyNursie improves patient experience and increases equality

Annaleena Heikkilä is a Specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics, as well as in Pediatrics. She also has a degree in economics. In her career she has always been enthusiastic to learn something new and now she has joined the clinical team that is developing the MyNursie self-care application.

Successful funding round for MyNursie

Healthcare sector is facing unprecedented challenges nowadays. Self-care is becoming a global trend and investors have noticed it as well. Nursie Health’s pre-seed funding round ended successfully at the end of last year. This is a positive sign for the further development of MyNursie self-care application. 

Milja Saksi appointed Nursie Health’s Chair of the Board

Milja Saksi recalls that digital solutions for self-care were discussed already more than 15 years ago, but the field of healthcare was not ready then. Now digital self-care is discussed again. Saksi started as the new Chair of the Board of Nursie Health in November, and her long experience in managing healthcare growth companies is welcomed with great enthusiasm.

The foundation of MyNursie is scientific research

The foundation of MyNursie is scientific research Text: Maria Jalavisto, 25.11.2021 MyNursie self-care application is a medical device, therefore the development of the app is guided by EU directive. The clinical team of Nursie Health is working in close cooperation with software developers in creating the app. Physician and Doctor of Medicine Jussi Nurro is […]

Pirte Healthcare pilot was a success

Pirte Healthcare pilot was a success Text: Maria Jalavisto, 18.10.2021 “We at Pirte utilize various digital services in our business that support genuine encounters and ease the daily lives of our customers, and we also actively seek to develop and apply for new digital services. Therefore, we have agreed to pilot the MyNursie self-care application […]

MyNursie targets the global market

CEO Suvi Venäläinen in a beautiful Kallavesi lake scenery

At Nursie Health, we seek to solve the big challenges of healthcare by offering a unique, scalable self-care application, MyNursie. MyNursie improves the everyday life of the user and increases the impact of self-care with a smooth transfer of data between the user and the healthcare stakeholder.