We are the superstars of self-care

Our mission

We place the individuals in the center of all healthcare activities and provide a comprehensive approach to their treatment. We make health data, medicine data and self-care activities visible for the healthcare stakeholders and provide the best clinical and medicine knowledge, and clear guidance for seeking medical help.

How did we get started?

Nursie Health was born in early 2020, few years after CEO Suvi Venäläinen had started her homecare company in Eastern Finland. She had a vision of good care that could be made even better with the use of technology and real-world data.   

Suvi wanted to make home-based self-care visible and promote holistic care with prevention of serious health issues. The idea about MyNursie self-care app started brewing in her mind and she shared it with people who got excited about her vision. The development of the app was set in motion.  

Everything got started at the grassroots, but the goal is big: to create an easy-to-use application that is collecting long-term data about the user’s health. Real-world data has enormous possibilities in the development of healthcare and research. MyNursie has the potential to improve our lives on an individual level but also societally by providing data for digital treatment support and research. 

Nursie Health team has more than 10 experts in nursing, medicine and software development. They all have a common passion for creating a solution that will change the future of healthcare. Nursie Health is based in Finland and the company is planning to reach the international market in the coming years. 

MyNursie- self-care app for your personal needs

MyNursie is an easy-to-use mobile app that offers clinically evaluated health monitoring and self-care guidance.