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Nursie Health - We Care for Tomorrow

Nursie Health is a health tech company that enables high-quality care in everyday life. We combine practical nursing, digitalization and self-care. We have an ambitious goal to help people with holistic care globally.



MyNursie® is a tool for comprehensive and long-term self-care in the form of a mobile application. MyNursie is suitable for maintaining health as well as for monitoring and treating the symptoms of diseases. The application consists of self-care packages related to various health problems and general health monitoring.

Nursie Health Akatemia

Nursie Health Academy

Nursie Health Academy offers opportunities to improve the quality of care through continuous education and the development of one’s own skills. At the heart of the education are the prevention and early intervention of health problems and holistic care. Nursie Health Academy consulting services offer the opportunity to develop business and organisational activities.


Nurse Leasing

Nursie Expert Services (NES) provides NES nurses, our own nursing experts, to help companies and organisations. Our nurse leasing offers a risk-free and cost-effective operating model for the short- and long-term resource shortage of nursing professionals without hidden costs.