Superstar of self-care

MyNursie is a comprehensive self-care application that offers our customers all the benefits of real-world health data. It is a perfect fit for digital treatment support and health monitoring.

Greater impact for your
products and services

MyNursie has been created by healthcare professionals to provide the user with a personalised self-care experience. It seeks to solve the big challenges in healthcare by making self-care and real-world health data (RWD) visible. The added value for pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment manufactures, and healthcare service providers is tremendous when MyNursie is used in creation and improvement of products and services. The comprehensive approach of the application is suitable for digital treatment support, and it can also be used for maintaining health as well as long-term monitoring of various health issues and prevention of disease. 

Main features

Long-term general health monitoring

Monitoring for multiple health issues

Instructions for closer monitoring

Notifications for changes in health status

Clear guidance for seeking medical help

Visualised data tracking

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Chief Executive Officer

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Chief Technology Officer

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Clinical testimonial: Pirte Healthcare

”We see a huge potential in MyNursie in promoting health both in the services we offer to our customers and in the use of our staff. MyNursie makes it easier for our nursing staff to notice the changes in a client’s health status, and it also enables early intervention and prevention of more serious harm. This leads to better care for our customers and well-being for our staff.”

– Tiina Surakka CEO, PhD, Pirte Healthcare / Tullinkulman työterveys Oy