Milja Saksi appointed Nursie Health’s Chair of the Board

Text: Maria Jalavisto, 8.12.2021

Milja Saksi recalls that digital solutions for self-care were discussed already more than 15 years ago, but the field of healthcare was not ready then. Now digital self-care is discussed again. Saksi started as the new Chair of the Board of Nursie Health in November, and her long experience in managing healthcare growth companies is welcomed with great enthusiasm.

Milja Saksi

Saksi was enthusiastic about joining the board of Nursie Health board because the company contributes to solving a societal health challenge through a solution provided by the MyNursie self-care application. When technology is combined with care, people get tools to monitor and maintain their own health. 

The social aspect has always been important to me in business. I find it important that I work for the common good. I want to be supporting the management of the company and bring my long experience to the team. The general management of a growth company is the area I have the most to give to. The cornerstones of my management philosophy are openness, working together and accountability”, Saksi shares her views. 

 The new chair sees that a good board has the expertise needed for the company’s current strategy. There should also be a shared desire to help the company and its management succeed, and diversity that gives room for open discussion. Common goals are achieved with right steps and the road to success is not always a straight path. The key strengths in a company are a good team, support networks and the right timing. 

Prior to joining the Board, Saksi met with the company’s management and board members. The meeting convinced her that Nursie Health team members believe in their idea and are enthusiastic and knowledgeable. The changes that have taken place in the healthcare sector indicate that the time for the self-care application is the right one. The circumstances for success are good. 

Previously Saksi has been the CEO of a health and social service company Luona and she was also an entrepreneur and founder of Hoivanet. She has also worked as the CFO of eHealth company Mawell and has experience as a consultant and analyst.