MyNursie and Long
Covid Self-monitoring

Text: Suvi Venäläinen, 6.6.2022

COVID has been shaking our foundations for over two years and more and more people are suffering from the symptoms of long covid. These symptoms include fatigue, insomnia, poor stress tolerance, various pain states and shortness of breath. These symptoms significantly affect the health and well-being of patients, reducing their quality of life and ability to fully participate in life. Proving symptoms of long Covid can be mentally frustrating and the symptoms themselves cause fear in the afflicted. 

We at Nursie Health reacted quickly to the current situation and took the situation into account in our software development. We want to be involved in helping people manage with and recover from long Covid, especially supporting self-care and monitoring at home. With the help of the MyNursie self-care application, we can make long-term symptoms visible and guide a person to seek treatment in a timely manner. From a professional’s perspective, the application produces reliable health data to shed light on and verify long Covid symptoms. Treatment and rehabilitation can be targeted to the areas that benefit the patient the most. MyNursie contains precisely the health-related factors and symptoms that are associated with long Covid. Our application enables the patient to take an active part in their self-care and to monitor their health situation properly.

With the help of various tasks, the patient is able to create a follow-up package that monitors the symptoms that are typical for her/him. MyNursie has follow-ups related to heart and lung symptoms as well as general malaise, cough, pain and sleep. In addition, our application guides the patient to seek treatment in a timely manner when the situation so requires. Long Covid also causes fear and anxiety. Our app also includes mental health surveys to implement a comprehensive approach to treating long Covid. We at Nursie Health want to help patients with long Covid symptoms by empowering and supporting their everyday self-care.