MyNursie improves patient experience and increases equality

Text: Maria Jalavisto, 30.3.2022

Annaleena Heikkilä is a Specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics, as well as in Pediatrics. She also has a degree in economics. In her career she has always been enthusiastic to learn something new and now she has joined the clinical team that is developing the MyNursie self-care application.

Annaleena Heikkilä

For some time now, Nursie Health’s clinical team has been developing a feature for MyNursie that meets the needs of women’s health in particular. The team has been looking for a specialist, and Annaleena Heikkilä’s long career in gynecology came up in the discussions. Jussi Nurro, Nursie Health’s Medical Director, contacted her and Annaleena got excited about MyNursie’s comprehensive and scientific approach. 

Patient experience important mentally and physically

Annaleena specialized in gynecology and later also in pediatrics at the Kuopio University Hospital. After moving from the university hospital to a private clinic, she felt like it was time to increase her knowledge in some other sector and she ended up studying for an MBA at Henley Business School. The studies gave new, multidisciplinary perspectives on healthcare. Annaleena did her dissertation on the formation and management of patient experience, leading her to become acquainted with social psychology and neuroscience as well.

As a doctor, I am an expert, but my job is to serve the needs of the patient. Despite the asymmetry of power that role of an expert brings, it is important that the patient and the doctor are equal when they meet. Studies have shown that the patient experience affects patient’s adherence to treatment. Among hospital patients it has been proven to have an effect on the incidence of infections and wound healing. In healthcare, the patient experience is more important than the price or distance when the patient is choosing the place to get treatment from,” Heikkilä explains.

MyNursie increases equality

The customer experience is therefore of enormous importance in healthcare. Most of us have the experience of getting ill and looking for a possible diagnosis on the internet. This is natural for us because we can find a large amount of information readily available online but on the other hand, with this additional information we might seek to have more equal position with the expert in treating the symptoms and illness. 

According to Annaleena, the long-term data collected by MyNursie may be useful in treating the patient. The aim is to give the user of the application the tools to act as an expert in their own health. On the other hand, the app also provides feedback and guides you forward in situations where there is a need to seek for further medical help. This is especially important for women-specific health issues and symptoms, as many of them are underdiagnosed. 

Pauliina Koukkari, who works as a product owner at Nursie Health, works closely with the clinical team and is particularly pleased that the team has new expertise in the development of the women’s health feature for MyNursie. 

“It is great that together with our experts we can develop MyNursie as a whole but also from women to women. Although my experience is from another sector, as a woman, I can bring useful perspectives to the applicatio that support the monitoring of PMS and menopausal symptoms, as well as the details related to menstrual cycle. Many issues in women’s health are often cast aside and are unclear even to the women themselves. Therefore, as we are passing on relevant information through the application, the user is able to become an expert in their own care and health. 

The long-term goal for MyNursie is to reach the international market and this, according to Annaleena, will open up many opportunities. Many countries are investing in the digitalisation of healthcare and data can be used to learn a lot about care and the well-being of the user. In the coming years MyNursie will be used for drug research and digital treatment support. In all this the comprehensive nature of the application will be useful and effective.