NES Nurse Leasing

An older woman and a nurse smiling at each other

We offer recruitment services to support companies and organisations. All of our Nursie Expert Services (NES) nurses are trained health care professionals who can work in different professional environments, such as hospitals or home care. We provide risk free and cost-effective model for the short-term or long-term lack of resources in your companies’ care work staff. The customer will be charged only for the resourced work, there will be no other hidden costs.

The companies and organisations that have used our recruitment services have been very satisfied with the health care professionals who have easily adapted to the existing and quickly changing circumstances. We offer quality and efficiency of care work also through our recruitment services

“Työntekijät osaavia, ammattitaitoisia ja motivoituneita. Eivät pelkää haasteita. Yhteistyö sujuvaa ja vaivatonta. Esimiehelle helppoa varata työntekijä, kun tiedossa osaaminen ja luotto palveluntarjoajaan.”

–  Asiakaspalaute –