Pirte Healthcare pilot was a success

Text: Maria Jalavisto, 18.10.2021

“We at Pirte utilize various digital services in our business that support genuine encounters and ease the daily lives of our customers, and we also actively seek to develop and apply for new digital services. Therefore, we have agreed to pilot the MyNursie self-care application with Nursie Health.

We see a huge potential in MyNursie in promoting health both in the services we offer to our customers and in the use of our staff. MyNursie makes it easier for our nursing staff to notice the changes in a client’s health status, and it also enables early intervention and prevention of more serious harm. This leads to better care for our customers and well-being for our staff.

Naturally our goal is to both improve the productivity of our organization and at the same time further the development of our nursing practices. We believe MyNursie to be the important “missing piece” in our digital services and we look forward building a fruitful development partnership with Nursie Health.”

Tiina Surakka CEO, PhD
Tullinkulman työterveys Oy / Pirte Healthcare