Oasis of self-care

Our ambitious goal is to increase the number of healthy life years. This goal can be achieved with comprehensive and comprehensive self-care using the MyNursie self-care application. MyNurse makes it easy for everyone to monitor changes in their own health. Up-to-date instructions on how to get help are always available.

Making everyday self-care visible with real–world health data

The driving force behing MyNursie is the passion of medical professionals to improve quality of life with health data. The diversity of MyNursie enables its use in different sectors of digital treatment support and R&D. The easy-to-use and scalable application offers a large selection of clinically evaluated features that gather data and present it in a visualised form. The features include monitoring and questionnaires of multiple health issues. Any changes in health status can be easily detected with visual charts and care guidance provided by the app.  

Reliable partner

MyNursie self-care app is a medical device developed by medical and nursing experts.

The application is based on WHO & Current Care Guidelines and clinically evaluated best practices.

  • CE mark & GDPR compliant 
  • Self-declared under MDD 93/42/EC as Class I Medical Device 
  • QMS according to ISO 13485:2016, to be certified 
  • Software life cycle management in line with requirements of IEC 62304:2007/A1:2015 
  • Risk management according to requirements of ISO 14971:2019

Main features

General health monitoring

Monitoring for multiple health issues

Instructions for closer monitoring

Notifications for changes in health status

Clear guidance for seeking medical help

Long-term visualised data tracking

How MyNursie guides self-care?

With the help of MyNursie self-care application, changes in your health status become visible and the application guides you to seek treatment in a timely manner. The measurements and surveys stored in the application serve as preliminary information for treatment guidance and support for diagnosis.

Based on the information you provide, MyNursie

  • guides self-care and monitoring at home
  • can initiate enhanced, more frequent monitoring
  • voi antaa tehtäväksi uuden kyselyn, jonka avulla tilannetta selvitetään tarkemmin
  • guides you to contact healthcare when needed
  • guides you to tell the relevant things when contacting healthcare

Start your day by telling MyNursie how you feel

MyNursie is with you in everyday life. MyNursie asks about your well-being, makes surveys and physiological measurements, records the results and draws conclusions about your health based on them.

MyNursie gives you guidance for monitoring and building health and well-being, as well as encouragement and support for lifestyle changes. Long-term follow-up provides valuable information that is used for disease prevention, early intervention and treatment support. Only you have access to your own saved data.

Easy and comprehensive

  • Extensive platform for home care
  • Comprehensive long-term health monitoring
  • Self-care packages for the treatment of several diseases
  • Clear and understandable monitoring of results
  • Prevention of health problems
  • Easy to understand instructions
  • Timely treatment guidance
  • Motivates and commits to self-care

MyNursie – The future of your services

Pharmaceutical companies

Post-market surveillance purposes detecting treatment effects and side-effects, clinical research, and trials are just few areas MyNursie can be used for in the pharmaceutical sector. The application gives organisations access to two-way patient data with analysis for research and data insights. MyNursie also offers opportunities to monetize raw data records or summarized views.  

Medical equipment manufacturers

MyNursie is a perfect tool for digital treatment support. It can be used for research and development of products and services. 

Healthcare service providers

The user of MyNursie will become an active participant in their own health with regular monitoring and questionnaires, and the medical staff can detect changes in a client’s health status by using real-world health data. 

Coming to version 2:

Medicine feature


  • supports the initiation and monitoring of drug treatment
  • contains easy-to-understand drug treatment instructions
  • verifies that the criteria are met for medicines entitled to a higher reimbursement
  • reminds you to take the medicines at the right time


Women’s health

  • PMS survey and follow-up to support the diagnosis
  • Peace of mind that you will receive reminders about the future onset of PMS symptoms
  • Menopause survey to support the diagnosis
  • Support for menopause symptoms


Apple Health integraatio

  • Measurements from Apple Health directly to MyNurse
  • Automatical treatment guidance and health monitoring support

Interested in trying MyNursie?

If you have any questions about MyNursie application, don’t hesitate contacting us. Leave your contact information and we’ll be in touch.

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