Oasis of self-care

Making everyday self-care visible with realworld health data

The driving force behing MyNursie is the passion of medical professionals to improve quality of life with health data. The diversity of MyNursie enables its use in different sectors of digital treatment support and R&D. The easy-to-use and scalable application offers a large selection of clinically evaluated features that gather data and present it in a visualised form. The features include monitoring and questionnaires of multiple health issues. The changes in health status can be easily detected with visual charts and care guidance provided by the app.  

The application is based on WHO & Current Care Guidelines and clinically evaluated best practices, and it has been designed by the clinical team of Nursie Health in cooperation with software developers.  

  • CE mark & GDPR compliant 
  • Self-declared under MDD 93/42/EC as Class I Medical Device 
  • QMS according to ISO 13485:2016, to be certified 
  • Software life cycle management in line with requirements of IEC 62304:2007/A1:2015 
  • Risk management according to requirements of ISO 14971:2019

Benefits of MyNursie

  • Motivation and engagement of patients
  • Support for initiating and follow-up of pharmacological treatment
  • Easy to understand guidance for pharmacological treatment
  • Verification of criteria fulfillment for medicinal products qualifying for higher-rate reimbursement
  • Enabling timely access to treatment

Main features

Long-term general health monitoring

Monitoring for multiple health issues

Instructions for closer monitoring

Notifications for changes in health status

Clear guidance for seeking medical help

Visualised data tracking

MyNursie – The future of your services

Pharmaceutical companies

Post-market surveillance purposes detecting treatment effects and side-effects, clinical research, and trials are just few areas MyNursie can be used for in the pharmaceutical sector. The application gives organisations access to two-way patient data with analysis for research and data insights. MyNursie also offers opportunities to monetize raw data records or summarized views.  

Medical equipment manufacturers 

MyNursie is a perfect tool for digital treatment support. It can be used for research and development of products and services. 

Healthcare service providers 

The user of MyNursie will become an active participant in their own health with regular monitoring and questionnaires, and the medical staff can detect changes in a client’s health status by using real-world health data.