Successful funding round
for MyNursie

Text: Maria Jalavisto, 28.1.2022

Healthcare sector is facing unprecedented challenges nowadays. Self-care is becoming a global trend and investors have noticed it as wellNursie Health’s pre-seed funding round ended successfully at the end of last year. This is a positive sign for the further development of MyNursie self-care application. 

The goal for the funding was € 200,000 and it was achieved by the end of 2021. Inventive Ventures Ltd., that is owned by Lasse Larvanko and Satu Mollgren, was the lead investor. Their investment company chooses platform businesses that aim to bring good to the society, for example with solutions based on sustainability.  

MyNursie was a good addition to the Inventive Ventures portfolio. Larvanko and Mollgren think that the application will have a great impact on the entire healthcare sector as the need for preventive approach is needed with the changes in the demographic. 

“Our health is already measured with several smart devices, but the health data is currently in silos. MyNursie can change this with with its holistic approach”, Larvanko explains 

In addition to the societal benefits, Larvanko and Mollgren see long-term prowess in the company. The team is professional and motivated, and the company structures are already well established. 

Suvi Venäläinen, the CEO of Nursie Health, is pleased that the new investors are willing to participate in the company’s operations through their own expertise. 

“The pre-seed funding round taught us a lot. The development of MyNursie had reached the stage that we were proud to present it to potential investors. We wanted to find “wise money” that would allow our growth to continue. Through the investors who joined us, we got exactly what we were looking for”, says Venäläinen. 

In 2022 Nursie Health will continue to develop MyNursie towards the best self-care application in the world. 

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