The diverse capabilities of MyNursie driving startup entrepreneur forward

Text: Maria Jalavisto, 16.5.2022

The CEO of Nursie Health Suvi Venäläinen has well over a decade of experience in the healthcare sector. The idea about a selfcare application took her to the startup world and now a team of more than 10 experts works with her. Funding raised for the development of MyNursie application is about one million euros so far. How did MyNursie get started and what will the future bring?

Suvi Venäläinen

Already in the beginning of her entrepreneurship, Suvi Venäläinen understood that healthcare needs innovative thinking to make the voices of professionals and patients heard. As the business developed, she began to realise the role of digitalisation in the future healthcare. The potential of real-world data (RWD) as an untapped resource rose to a key role. Suvi wanted to make it visible and thus a resource for the development of healthcare.

In the future, the inclusion of patients will be in the centre when it comes to promoting health and treating health problems. Health technology is needed, and we set out to develop a self-care application that offers comprehensive care, addresses health issues, and securely manages the health data that’s being collected. Utilizing and making real-world data and mydata visible is an important part of developing care processes and the quality of care, Suvi explains.

When she shared her thoughts, while building a team, Suvi noticed that many people agreed with her approach. Experts in healthcare and software development joined the team and company’s board, and the development of the app got started. ELY Center also saw potential in the application and granted funding twice. Pre-seed funding round was closed successfully in the end of last year and seed round is taking place in the spring of 2022. 

Last year the potential of the app in the research and development of products by pharmaceutical companies and healthcare equipment manufacturers began to materialise, without forgetting the providers of healthcare services. The application scales to several different customer sectors and its comprehensive approach is a significant advantage. 

The idea for the application started in the field of healthcare. However, our vision is big. In addition to Finland, we will also aim for the global market in the coming years. Our pilot projects with healthcare staff and patients ensure that our application serves them as well as possible. In addition to maintaining health and monitoring various diseases, our goal this year is to include medicine data in the application, Suvi says.

According to Suvi, MyNursie stands out in the health application field precisely because it combines health data and medicine data comprehensively. Meetings with various healthcare actors, such as pharmaceutical companies, have been encouraging. The reception has been enthusiastic and the potential of MyNursie has been identified. The application can be used to motivate and engage the patient in treatment and to support the initiation and follow-up of medication. It also provides timely access to treatment and provides easy-to-understand medication guidelines. MyNursie can also verify, for example, that the criteria for special reimbursable medicines have been met. 

MyNursie offers comprehensive support for self-care. Real-world data containing health and medicine data can be used to develop more effective treatment for the changing needs of the future. As the CEO of Nursie Health, Suvi is driven by the MyNursie’s diverse capabilities to improve people’s quality of life and health. Technology is already part of our daily lives, and it is time to harness it to promote our health in a comprehensive way as well. With MyNursie it is possible.