The foundation of MyNursie is scientific research

Text: Maria Jalavisto, 25.11.2021

MyNursie self-care application is a medical device, therefore the development of the app is guided by EU directive. The clinical team of Nursie Health is working in close cooperation with software developers in creating the app. Physician and Doctor of Medicine Jussi Nurro is the Chief Medical Officer of Nursie Health and he also acts as the head of the clinical team.

Jussi Nurro

”The role of the medical professionals in the development of a self-care app ensures that the planning is made according to the WHO and Current Care Guidelines. We want to create an app that meets the needs of the healthcare sector. Those needs have been in a key role since the beginning and that is the reason why we put so much emphasis on the experiences of the professionals”, Jussi explains.

Among the medical professionals in the clinical team are Nursie Health CEO Suvi Venäläinen and clinical expert Jonna Ojala. They both have education in nursing and long working experience in healthcare. Markku Lähteenvuo is a specialist in forensic medicine and a Doctor of Medicine. Software developer Pauliina Koukkari acts as a bridge between the clinical team and the software developers. She knows the application through and through and is acting as a liaison between the teams.  

The clinical team meets once a week and goes through the plans that the experts have prepared for different parts of the app. The team discusses the plans and makes sure that they are aligned with the Medical Device Regulation. The plan is then handed over to the software developers who might have some extra questions. This is how the plan is finalised and moved on to the next phase that is programming.

”The Medical Device Regulation has its demands and restrictions for the app. It ensures that MyNursie self-care app meets certain quality criteria. It must be safe to use and the specification should show what kind of help it offers to the user. This proves that the features of the device are built according to strong scientific evidence. Finally, the clinical evaluation is done by an external researcher that will make sure the features of the app are based on the latest research”, Jussi explains the process.

MyNursie® is a tool for comprehensive and long-term self-care in a form of an application. It is suitable for maintaining health as well as following symptoms of various health issues, prevention of disease and care guidance. MyNursie consists of self-care packages dealing with various health problems and general health monitoring.